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Whoever has had an occasion to approach me knows how serious I am about my intention to help corporate organizations build value through diversity, integrity, conscious leadership and belonging on a large scale.

My way of addressing women’s, talents’ and leaders’ roadblocks is online group coaching programs with an international footprint. They resonate deeply with my love for training enriched by my coaching mastery pathway in my life between two continents.

I could not be more grateful for what my contribution to the corporate world has brought me so far, for how it shapes me day after day. I could not be more thankful for the clients who are on my journey, who actually are my journey.

Cheers to many more years of group coaching!

About your corporate connector

While moving from city to city and from country to country in the past 15 years, I realized clearly that it takes more than being intellectual, bright or smart (= having a high IQ) to be truly successful and feel whole (= being happy). My natural inclination and gift of reading people, making them feel at ease, communicating my positive outlook on life and provoking thoughts with my legendary humour, took me naturally to a coaching trajectory. In 2014, I therefore changed my career path, decided to focus on studying and leveraging emotional intelligence for the greater good and to become a nomad entrepreneur in the long run.

My practice of coaching internationally over the course of years made it obvious that my call was to dedicate my professional life to group coaching (in French and English) and become the long-term partner of corporate organisations transitioning towards a more power and gender-balanced workplace. I see myself as a corporate game changer helping corporate stakeholders to balance awareness and focus between their heads and their hearts for a more human, yet top-performing work environment.

My vocation has truly turned into my profession: contributing to a workplace connecting the dots between the mind and the heart, the rational and the intuitive, the “I” and the “we”, company performance and its people’s satisfaction. Listening to employees, asking right to the point questions, putting my intuitive discernment at their service and widening their individual and collective perspectives brings me the daily fulfilment that makes me unstoppable.

It takes heart-inspired action and not only brain-suggested plans to make things work and improve for individuals and for groups!

Marie Dancer

what has shaped me to date

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification

CBC Conscious leadership

Solution-Focused Coaching certification

Leadership and Team Trust Scales Assessment certification

Reina Trust Assessment

EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence certification

Multi Health System

Associated Certified Coach certification (ACC)

Diplôme de Formateur Professionnel pour adultes

Association française de formation pour adultes, France

DESS d'Ingénierie Juridique et Financière

IGR-IAE Rennes, France

Maîtrise de Droit des affaires

Université Rennes I, France

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Companies enabling a gender-inclusive and diverse corporate culture in which conscious leaders reconcile the collective performance needs of the business with the individual connection needs of employees, will outperform their competitors and develop their talents into upcoming leaders.


I empower and equip employees of large corporations to connect the dots between how they think and how they feel in order for them to develop more consciousness and empathy in their relationship with themselves and others, ie. balance their IQ and EQ to make gender balance at the top a reality that translates into enhanced trust, engagement, well-being and performance.


Becoming the reference of group coaching towards healthy, fruitful and gender-balanced leadership in the corporate world.

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